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Announcing the 2012 CSSC Annual Award Winner

The annual Communication for Sustainable Social Change Award aims to honor outstanding contributions by individuals or organizations to the theory and practice of communication for sustainable social change.
Inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, international, regional and national academic and professional communication associations, international media networks and communication and social change consortia are encouraged to submit nominations for this annual award.
We received a number of qualified candidates for this distinguished award. The selection process was thoughtful and challenging due to this number and the quality of the nominees. In selecting the 2012 award winner, the CSSC jury has considered both theoretical and practical innovation and commitment to sustainable social change, and notable achievements in applied communication practice for an often neglected target group with great potential for social change in the future: children.

In recognition of outstanding achievement, the jury thereby recommends that the 2012 CSSC award to be presented to:
Thomas Röhlinger of
Radijojo, the World Children’s Radio Network

Radijojo, the World Children’s Radio Network, based in Berlin, Germany, is the first international non-commercial, non-profit radio station for ages 3 to 13 where children make their own radio shows with educational and cultural content.
For a detailed report of the 2012 CSSC award from World Catholic Association for Communication please click here.
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